Welcome to the Small Systems Laboratory
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Small Systems Laboratory (SSL) is dedicated to the development of multi-functional materials, devices and systems at the macro-, micro-, meso- and nanoscales. Our work spans in multiple areas bridging multiple disciplines and multiple length scales. Facilities at SSL include fabrication and characterization units for advanced materials, device processing and testing and biomaterials characterization. Access to the clean room facilities around the Boston area adds to the excitement of student learning as well as experimentation. Specific ongoing research projects are in the area of novel nanocomposites, energy efficient materials and devices, stimuli responsive materials, photoconductive devices and nanotube-CTC-Chip.

Students in SSL and undergraduate students at WPI have a unique opportunity to work in interdisciplinary projects with knowledge in several disciplines to train themselves and contribute towards globally engaged science and engineering workforce for the future. Specifically, the MQP projects at WPI with focus in area of micro and nanotechnology adds excitement to the students where they get to work as a team with graduate students from the laboratory in line with the Boyer’s model.  We are constantly looking for outstanding and motivated students who can challenge themselves and work in a dynamic environment.


Latest news

  • We are always looking for exceptional students. Please contact Dr. Panchapakesan at bpanchapakesan@wpi.edu
  • Dr. Panchapakesan is a keynote speaker at SelectBio Asia Diagnostics Summit in Taiwan, November 2018.
  • Dr. Sadegh Mehdi Aghaei joins Small Systems Laboratory. Welcome Sadegh.
  • The droplet biopsy chip invented by Dr. Panchapakesan was covered by Genetic and Engineering News in an article titled “Teasing out Circulating tumor DNA”, Feb.1, 2018 
  • Congratulations to Vahid Rahneshin on his second paper in Nature journal Scientific Reports. Congrats! Vahid. Paper
  • Congratulations to Masoud Loeian on his first paper in Nature journal Scientific Reports. Congrats Masoud! Paper
  • Dr. Panchapakesan is the speaker at MassMedic Annual Conference on May 3rd.
  • Dr. Farhad Khosravi accepted a job at Vista Therapeutics in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Congratulations Farhad and Good Luck! We will miss you!
  • Dr. Panchapakesan is one of the invited speakers at the Nano World Conference in Boston (April 3rd-5th , 2017; http://jnanoworld.com/nwc/featured-speakers)
  • Dr. Panchapakesan is one of the invited speakers at the World Circulating Biomarker Conference in Boston (March 20-21, 2017). Here
  • New article on Static Micro-Array Isolation, Dynamic Time Series Classification, Capture and Enumeration of Spiked Breast Cancer Cells in Blood: the Nanotube-CTC-Chip has an Altmetric score of 620. This Altmetric score means that the article is:
    • Ranked #1 article in journal Nanotechnology out of 1,462 articles in Nanotechnology that has an Altmetric Score.
    • Ranked #3,657 out of 7,140,824 research output all over the world scored by Altmetric.
    • Ranked #467 out of  234,475 research output across the world of similar age scored by Altmetric.
    • Ranked #1 out of 110 research output from journal Nanotechnology published at the same time.  Please visit to learn more
  • New paper on Chromatic Mechanical Response by Rahneshin et al., Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 34831 (2016) has an Altmetric Score of 90. This Altmetric score means that the article is:
    • in the 97th percentile (ranked 5,909th) of the 228,872 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals that has Altmetric score (includes all Nature journals)
    • in the 96th percentile (ranked 114th) of the 2,907 tracked articles of a similar age in Scientific Reports.
    • Ranked #68,177 out of 6,897,266 research output across the world scored byAltmetric.
    • Ranked #833 out of 24,477 outputs from journal Scientific Reports (Nature)
    • Ranked #114 out of 2,907 outputs from Scientific Reports of similar age.
    • Ranked #5,909 out of 228,872 outputs across the world of similar age scored by Altmetric. Please visit to learn more

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